A journey within a journey – sojourning…

What’s in a title? What does it mean? It is this very title that has come about by our own interest – our interest of travelling, travelling then staying and then travelling some more. A journey you ask? Yes, but more than that – sojourning.


Getting to this point has been a journey – a journey in obtaining the right equipment for the journey, testing it, the journey in trailblazing a route that we will take that will enable us to reach the destinations we want to get to, and the journey in the self-actualisation in realising what mental, physical and Spiritual shifts are needed to endure the journey itself.
With some things, words, and even pictures are insufficient to describe the indescribable, but here’s some of the highlight moments in this journey over the past year or so (click on the headings for the Tale of each):
A journey within a journey itself! It is about the present, action and movement; about the next challenge in planning, preparation and participation – overcoming that and moving on.
This then is more than just a sojourn, but sojourning. According to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Sojourning, sojourning is to “reside temporarily”. Each moment we live is a moment to reflect, to reside on that particular experience, tell that Tale and move on. We call it sojourning…a journey within a journey!
In our sojourning, so we keep in mind what a Trailblazer of antiquity, the Apostle Paul, once said:
Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:13-14

Coffee Break / Journeying Part 2

Every journey requires a break, or does it not? This journey as outlined in https://trailblazer.co.za/coffee-journeying/ is a break in itself, in two ways: firstly, as a reader of this, take a break and view this coffee journey, part 2; and secondly, there’s a ‘break’ in a new development that this journey promised in the last Tale, namely, three improvements required in that quest for that perfect cup on the trails…


As a reminder, the three areas of improvement required were the cup, the carrier bag, and the frother. The journey results in this Tale…


The Cup:


H300 Snow Peak Double Wall Titanium Stackable Mug with Lid (http://snowpeak.com/)













This mug is great because it:

  • Keeps coffee at the desired temperature for a long period of time (doesn’t lose heat easily because of its double wall structure)
  • Has a lid which fits and assists in this heat retention
  • Does not burn ones hands or lips when holding or drinking from it respectively due to the double wall thickness
  • An AeroPress fits perfectly when extracting
  • Super strong
  • Extremely light
  • Compact and small to fit in one’s bag snugly (comes with a small pouch)


The Carrier Bag:


AeroPress nylon zippered Tote Bag (http://www.aeropress.ca/product/tote-bag/)













This bag is great because it is basically the only bag that I could find that stores all of the required equipment in this Tale and the previous one above together compactly enough (naturally, made for the AeroPress by AeroPress – go figure!). It was so important for the upcoming Sojourn that I had to import it as it is not available in South Africa.


The Frother:


Mini Hand Held Cappuccino Frother (http://bakingtin.com/)













This added perk really is just that – a compact, semi-lightweight bliss for cappuccinos! With an easily detachable whisk, and being small enough to fit in the bag, this frother takes two AA batteries and whips up a seriously milky storm!


This is making me needy, needy for that cup of coffee…now where is it? Oh, of course, I have to make it – take a much needed break, to journeying in making my perfect cup on the trails!

copmlcitaed. RESET

Planning for and making way for an 8 month trans-continental trip exposes some things. These things are none other than complicated. Complex in their essence, complicated in their existence and complicating in their influence, some things we realise cannot come with us…


We realise our lives are complicated, very complicated. So, yes, we tick that box, realising that complexity is unnecessary and a burden. So, what are these complexities? It is simple: things we cannot take with us, things we cannot rely on and things we have to realise that we have to do without! You may think of materialistic things – yes you are right, but what about those plans, schemes and sureties that forever evade one’s mind, that keep one safe, secure and content? Do they really provide contentment? Well, that’s another story, because to come to that realisation is a journey within a journey (that post is busy writing itself).


What we realise through this is that we actually can survive without these burdens. We have to. So, what’s next? That’s where RESET comes in. It’s kind of what we do when we don’t get much benefit out of our health benefit schemes, when we have so many payments and creditors to owe, and when it’s a continuous rat race that…just doesn’t stop. What to do? Scrap it! Start over! Begin anew.

This trip is enabling us to realise that our life is complicated. This trip is enabling us to uncomplicate our lives. This trip, amongst other things, is about RESET.