Tsitsikamma Ultra Trail Run – 23 April 2016

Antibodies. Sometimes the hardest part of the race is the preparation and mind shifting that comes as a result of knowing what lies ahead. This was no less true for the Tsitsikamma Ultra Trail Run, the running of this linear, 6 day, 60 kilometre hiking trail. No less true, not only because it was a first time anyone was to run of this trail in a day, but also because I had to take antibodies for up to 8 days to counteract a horrible strain of flu that ravaged my body two weeks leading up to the race.


For the downloadable GPS track and waypoints, visit here.

Anticipation. When we hiked this trail exactly 2 years earlier, I knew I had to run this trail. 23 April 2016 was anticipated in great earnest, and it was time to change that hike into a run…


Kitting up the compulsory kit, which was mandatory to start and survive this trail due to its extreme remoteness.

This post tells that Tale in what can be described as an adventurous, technically challenging, yet fun day out in the Tsitsikamma mountains.


The trail started under the Big Tree, also known as an Outeniqua yellow wood tree near the Storms River Bridge in the Eastern Cape, and finishes at the coastal suburb of Natures Valley in the Western Cape.






The terrain varied from lush forests to rolling hills of Fynbos and numerous river crossings as we made our way through the technical course.




Rushes Pass






Nearing the finish at Natures Valley.


From antibodies to anticipation, whether hiking or running it, the Tsitsikamma Ultra Trail Run will always hold a special place in my heart…!


Every competitor receives a hoodie; and each finisher a hand made wooden trophy and an Outeniqua yellow wood tree to take home!

For results go here.

Some pictures courtesy of glenn murray photography.