Blaize Trail

When we left the West coast of Portugal after Sojourning 2015, little did we know that when we traveled to Mossel Bay at the bottom of Africa a little less than two months later, that the explorer Bartholomew Dias first landed at this bay, known then as the Bay of St Blaize, after leaving his Portuguese shores in search of India.


Bartholomew Dias Voyage (1487-88). Map credit.

At the end of the World” tells our Tale about our run along the coastal cliffs that Bartholomew Dias would have seen last as he made his way South to Africa. There was no better way to connect the dots that Bartholomew Dias had first Trailblazed all those years back than to run a trail, known as the St Blaize Trail, on the coastal cliffs that he would’ve first seen as he arrived at the bottom of Africa exactly 528 years before to the day (on Joseph’s Birthday, to be precise!).

Blaise Trail

For the downloadable GPS track and waypoints, visit here.

This Tale is about our trail run along the St Blaize Trail which we ran in Mossel Bay:

IMG_3252 IMG_3258 IMG_3267 IMG_3263




IMG_3274 IMG_3273 IMG_3288 IMG_3311



IMG_3313 IMG_3297 IMG-20160204-00362 IMG_3332


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  1. Hey guys, I love reading your blogs – I imagine that I am running free just like you both – and your pix allow me to really picture myself there.

    Keep well, fit and healthy.

    Warmest regards from Malta
    Pat and Leslie

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