Trailblazer Trailer – Relationship

What is in a relationship? It is said that the coffee beans’ journey is likened to a race where a baton is passed from one process to another…


Start with the end in mind? (Yzerfontein Cycle Experience, Yzerfontein, Western Cape, South Africa)

The trail that the coffee we brew took from its Creation into the hands of the persons we meet has passed through many relationships, relationships that involve not just processes, but people.


It’s more than adventure – Charles Denison, Cultivar Coffee, small batch green coffee specialist.

Trailblazer Trailer is about a relationship and is privileged to brew this coffee at the completion of its journey that it passed through.

Keeping the relationship in tact – Alessandro Craparo of Science of Coffee.

From one person to another, each one is as important as each other, yet each is affected in some different way to another…


The end in mind – coffee farmer story by small holder farmer, Long Miles Coffee Project, Burundi.

Our journey is more than coffee – among other things we like to brew the coffee which can and not only points to a Greatness out of this world, but who is intrinsically involved in everyone’s lives.


Are you in a relationship? Which one is that?

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