Ultra-Trail Cape Town 35 km – 2 December 2017

It was that usual butterflies-in-the-stomach moment as we made our way to the start line of this iconic event. Perhaps it was the hype around this anticipated day or maybe it was the slight trepidation that’s typical of a new event one just isn’t sure how will pan out. Maybe it was these factors, but it was also the mountain, 2000 metres of vertical ascent over just 35 kilometres, but more importantly, it was the sheer joy and privilege of being able to run together.

UTCT 35km

For the downloadable GPS track and waypoints, visit here.

This Tale is about doing what we just simply love to do together: trail running in the purest of what Creation has in store for us, all along the Ultra-Trail Cape Town’s 35 kilometre route.




Kloof Corner


The trail makes its way along the Contour Path below the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.


Heading up Platteklip Gorge


From the vast open spaces of the mountain faces to the flat tops of the table, we traversed clear skies high above the city that is home to more species of flora than most floral kingdoms on the planet. The North-Eastern wind brought about its billowing clouds which seemed to join in on the dance we were having together.




Woodhead Dam


Temperatures fluctuated that is usual for any mountain climate far above the city below, yet as we made our way back down to the Contour Path that circumnavigates the massif, so we warmed up and enjoyed pristine technical single track path under our feet nearing the finish.


Nursery Ravine





It’s always a privilege to run together!


For results visit here.

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